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Discover the zest of Nimbu Shikanji syrup for mocktails with Syruppo. This revitalizing blend brings the authentic flavors of a traditional Indian summer drink to your cocktail creations. Perfect for a refreshing twist, our syrup is crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure an unforgettable taste experience. Elevate your drink game and add a splash of zing with Nimbu Shikanji syrup. Embrace the essence of summer with every sip!

Nimbu Shikanji

    • Package contains 1 bottle of 1L 
    • Add syrup to water/ soda to create your drink
  • Manufactured By : Fiesta Packaging Pvt Ltd, Plot 114 A, Ecotech 6, Kasna, Greater Noida.

    Net Quantity: 1L (Per Bottle)

    Customer Care :
    Contact No : +91 7838885500

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